Data Digest .004

The one where she talks about job hunting.

Data Science Roadmap 🗺

How to Ace the Data Science Interview

Want to get ahead of the competition in interviewing? The secret sauce is how well you can show your thinking process. Check out my new blog post on what I’ve learned from interviewing around 40 Data Science Candidates.

10 Tips to Manage Data Science Remotely

Working completely remote might be new to you, or it might not, but it's still difficult to manage all of your tasks given the new nature of work. I’ve outlined the changes I’ve made to make working from home a little bit easier.

💎 Don’t forget to promote yourself 💎

Finding roles is tough, but not impossible these days. I love this strategy to reduce the time it takes to get to a phone screening with a recruiter.

My Favorite Things 🌟


The Ultimate List of Data Science Podcasts – Real Python

Job hunting is hard, especially right now. Get some tips on how to hunt and interview for Data Science roleson the newest episode of the Super Data Science podcast. Listen in as Kirill interveiews Jacqeline and Emily as they give some great tips on searching for new jobs in the current market.


Lately I’ve been reading the first few chapters of Women of Color in Tech and it’s powerful! This has so many awesome tips for building your professional network, finding mentors, and developing all the soft/professional skills that help you stand out in tech.


Boost your R programming skills in 2 hours. I love the freeCodeCamp tutorials and this one on R is great for beginners. No Ads help you stay focused as well.

Freebies 🤑


Want to try your hand at implementing a model you’ve recently read about? Check out Papers with Code to find the repos for some of the most popular papers in machine learning and data science.


Looking for a free Data Science crash course in Python? Look no further, Data Science Crash Course is a good tool for beginners to get a grasp of the data science workflow. I really like their section on Data Cleaning, where many scientists spend most of their time.

Events 🚀

Getting Started in Data Science Webinar

I’ve been working hard on putting together this webinar to cover the skills you need to learn to start your own self-guided Data Science projects. I’ll go over decisons you need to make in your Data career and how to choose the right roles and niche. I’ll also teach the statistics and modeling skills you need to know.

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